Sunday, October 27, 2019

Vroom! Vroom!

This baby quilt is the 'brother' to Revving It Up!
Both will be donated to the NNU at Southland Hospital - I am making 
bassinet quilts with leftovers from larger projects and stash fabrics/batting.

For this one I simply used a large piece of the motorbike fabric, 
and quilted along the lines of the tyre tracks in the background, 
ith some match-stick lines in the black triangles of the pinwheels 
(which are leftovers from a Meadow Mist Designs mystery quilt-along that I am taking part in).

The backing is a large checked print, and the binding is an aqua solid. 
It measures 19" x 22".

Welcome to any visitors from Michelle's Beauties Pageant link-up, 
Check out my previous posts for more of my recent baby donation quilts.

Revving It Up!

These two baby quilts are made with pinwheels from leftovers of (version two) of 
a Meadow Mist Designs mystery quilt-along that I am taking part in. 

I've had the motorbike fabric in my stash for about five years, so it was a good chance to use it,
with a bit of fussy-cutting to ensure I had at least one whole motorbike in each block.

I quilted echo squares in the motorbike blocks, and matchstick lines in the black triangles.
The backing is a larger check, and the binding is an aqua solid.

It has a 'brother' quilt, called Vroom! Vroom!

Wonky in Blue

A couple of months ago I was 'between projects' and wanted something quick to do; I am trying to make a dent in my scraps and stash, so grabbed these blue florals and made strips of the squares, adding in the white and the darker blue.

I quilted in the ditch and then did the lines of free-motion flowers.

The backing is also from my stash, and I folded it over to make a self-binding.

It measures 20" x 22.5".

Woodland Welcome

This is made from leftover blocks from my previous Woodland quilt  -
with my rule of using leftovers/cut-offs from larger projects ASAP, this is what I did with these,
and it will be added to my pile of baby bassinet quilts to donate to Southland Hospital's NNU.

I love the woodland critters! 
This one measures 18" x 23.5" and also has the fox print flannel backing, 
with a stripy black and white binding.

I used a simple straight-line quilting design, using my walking foot.

I made it in September:

Here it is with its buddy quilt: