Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baby Quilts Series 1/10 - 4/10

Two railroad quilts, each made using a jelly roll from Spotlight (January)

My aim this year is to make 10 cot-size quilts, by June, to present as a gift to Southland parents of babies in the neo-natal unit in Dunedin Hospital - in honour of it being ten years since Kieran was a patient there (he had to be delivered 12 weeks early and weighed just 855g/1 lb 14 oz).

The parents will need to be Southlanders - they will have to have their phone number listed in the Southland phone book.  I know how scary it can be to be sent to Dunedin to have a premature baby delivered and just want to acknowledge this by having some quilts there for parents to choose from. 

Pirate teddy bears quilts - the pictures were already printed on the fabric in a quilt-like pattern so I simply had to put the layers together and quilt 'in the ditch' between each picture (March).

They can use the quilts for kangaroo cuddles with their baby (or babies if it's twins) or can keep them to use at home, when the baby is big enough to go home, as a cot-quilt or kick mat.

I am trying to make the quilts in sets of two as I know there may be twins born so some parents may wish to select two quilts that are similar.

Giraffe Series 2/20 - 6/20

 Check out the next five of my series!  The giraffes have been very popular and I have actually sold three!

Alice Sheat, a relieving teacher at school, bought the green one for her daughter Ruby.

One of my pupils bought the black and white one at the car-boot sale held by the Year Sixes.

Kath J bought the pink one for her colleague who collects giraffes.

I have made these two this weekend - one will be to send to ex-staff member Lisa Bankshaw who recently had a baby girl - I will let the staff decide which one we will put into the gift basket that we are sending.

Will have to wait and see what happens to the one that gets left behind!