Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Cheeky Monkey baby quilt

Following my 'rule' of making small baby quilts with leftovers from larger projects, 
here is 'Cheeky Monkey' which is the 'baby' of a larger baby quilt called 'Hi There!'

I used some walking foot straight line quilting, as well as the wavy zigzag stitch on my 
machine to quilt and decorate it, before adding a black and white spotty binding.

I plan to donate this quilt to the neo-natal unit at Southland Hospital.
It measures 24.5" square.

The backing is made from leftovers as well.

And welcome to quilting visitors via Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday - thanks for visiting!

Hi There! baby quilt

My husband asked me to make a baby quilt for one of his workers who was about to 
take maternity leave; again, with my goal to use as much stash fabric as possible in 
new projects, I chose this fun animal/ABC print to use and picked some colourful coordinates. 

With all the end-of-year-at-school-madness affecting my brain I can't remember where I got the pattern from, so will have another hunt and update the post if I find it.

The quilt measures at 36" square and I chose a wiggly black and white stripe for the binding, after using some FMQ ideas from Angela Walters' various books for the quilting:

The backing is another fabric that has been in my 'fabric preservation collection' for a number of years - it has 'Hello' in many different languages and is as colourful as the front.

Hi to my quilting companions via Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday - I love being able to share with others from around the world (and seeing what you've all been creating too!)

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Vroom! Vroom!

This baby quilt is the 'brother' to Revving It Up!
Both will be donated to the NNU at Southland Hospital - I am making 
bassinet quilts with leftovers from larger projects and stash fabrics/batting.

For this one I simply used a large piece of the motorbike fabric, 
and quilted along the lines of the tyre tracks in the background, 
ith some match-stick lines in the black triangles of the pinwheels 
(which are leftovers from a Meadow Mist Designs mystery quilt-along that I am taking part in).

The backing is a large checked print, and the binding is an aqua solid. 
It measures 19" x 22".

Welcome to any visitors from Michelle's Beauties Pageant link-up, 
Check out my previous posts for more of my recent baby donation quilts.

Revving It Up!

These two baby quilts are made with pinwheels from leftovers of (version two) of 
a Meadow Mist Designs mystery quilt-along that I am taking part in. 

I've had the motorbike fabric in my stash for about five years, so it was a good chance to use it,
with a bit of fussy-cutting to ensure I had at least one whole motorbike in each block.

I quilted echo squares in the motorbike blocks, and matchstick lines in the black triangles.
The backing is a larger check, and the binding is an aqua solid.

It has a 'brother' quilt, called Vroom! Vroom!

Wonky in Blue

A couple of months ago I was 'between projects' and wanted something quick to do; I am trying to make a dent in my scraps and stash, so grabbed these blue florals and made strips of the squares, adding in the white and the darker blue.

I quilted in the ditch and then did the lines of free-motion flowers.

The backing is also from my stash, and I folded it over to make a self-binding.

It measures 20" x 22.5".

Woodland Welcome

This is made from leftover blocks from my previous Woodland quilt  -
with my rule of using leftovers/cut-offs from larger projects ASAP, this is what I did with these,
and it will be added to my pile of baby bassinet quilts to donate to Southland Hospital's NNU.

I love the woodland critters! 
This one measures 18" x 23.5" and also has the fox print flannel backing, 
with a stripy black and white binding.

I used a simple straight-line quilting design, using my walking foot.

I made it in September:

Here it is with its buddy quilt:

Walk in the Woods

Another in my set of baby quilts to donate to the NNU 
(today was the first time in weeks that the weather and timing has been right to 
get some photos done; I had eight baby quilts to photograph this morning).

The HSTs are made from offcuts from my previous Woodland quilt  
(when you make 'snowball' blocks, the corners get cut off and I don't like to throw them away) -
with my rule of using leftovers/cut-offs from larger projects ASAP, this is what I did with these.

It measures 19" x 23" and I used a fox print flannel for the backing, 
with a black and white zigzag for the binding.

I just love that there are little peeks of the critters in the animal prints:

As per usual, I can't be outside without Rumbles coming to inspect what I am up to...

Here is what it looked like as I worked out my layout (and what size background pieces I needed):

And once I had quilted it with matchstick lines in the white solid pieces
(this was all done in September):

The two woodland quilts together: