Tuesday, September 3, 2019

2019 Quilter's Meet and Greet

2017: 100% NZ
Kia ora from New Zealand! 

Welcome to all my visitors from the 2019 Quilters' Meet and Greet 
being hosted at Benita Skinner's Creative Space during September.

I think I might possibly be the southern-most quilter to be invited to take part in this blog-hop, being a born and bred Southlander living in Edendale, New Zealand - not quite the bottom of the world but pretty close - I don't have penguins walking past me in the main street (but they can be found about an hour or so away from me on our south coast!)

I feel honoured to have been invited to take part - I am not a professional or commercial quilt-maker, and this blog began as a means for recording and sharing my home-made crafty creations.
I love to make quilts, pillows, the odd stuffed toy, wall-hangings or bags,
to name a few of the crafts I've dabbled in.

You can find other great quilters to check out at the official Quilters' Meet & Greet post -
be sure to have a good look as each blog you visit gives you an entry
to the Grand Prize Giveaway (being drawn on the first of October).

Make sure you have a good look around my blog; you might like to become a follower or to at least make a comment on anything in particular that catches your eye - I love hearing feedback as, with just my hubby and 18-year-old son living here with me, and being in small rural town a long way from any quilting clubs or guilds, getting feedback from like-minded quilters really helps boost my confidence. (My hubby and son make the right noises when I show them a finished project, but you know it's just not the same as hearing from other crafters who truly appreciate the work!)

2016: Triple Barn Star
I thought I would just share a handful of things about me - with quilts to match!

1. I love being a Kiwi! I have grown up and stayed here in Southland, with Fiordland National Park only a couple of hours' drive away - it is where many scenes for the Lord of the Rings movie series were filmed and I am lucky enough to spend my summer New Year holidays in Te Anau each year.

2019 - Summer Day (Lake TeAnau)
2. I have been a primary school teacher for 25 years; the past fifteen years have been spent teaching the 10-11 year olds at Edendale Primary (we have just seven teachers total, for about 160 children from 5-11yrs) - I simply love it; each day is different and the kids are awesome to work with).

2015: signature quilt for a retiring colleague
3. I think I have a fabric addiction! (But who reading this doesn't?) I love blue personally but that doesn't restrict me when it comes to quilting colour palettes; you name it, that colour will be in my stash somewhere!

2018: Allsorts for a Good Sort
4. I don't have a particular style (that I'm aware of anyway!) I will try modern designs as quickly as I'll try traditional (actually, upon looking over my quilts page, I think I might have a lean towards more modern styles).  Once I decide on a project, I usually have to bust it out from go-to-woah,
as I get so eager to see it all finished.

2017: Halfmoon Bay
5. I'm a Gemini! You'll see me comment on other blogs as Gemini Jen NZ. I think being a two-sided Gemini is part of the reason I can easily swap between colours, styles or types of project and why I love spending all week in the hustle and bustle of the classroom environment, but am equally happy seeing no-one at all on the weekend while I am in my sewing room.
Add in some chocolate to nibble on and I call that 'Jenny-heaven'!

2018: bunny pillows
So, thanks for stopping by; it has been nice to 'meet' you - be sure to click here for your entry into the prize-draw. There are some lovely items in the prizes; big thanks to all the sponsors and to Benita for organising it all.

Have a great Spring or Autumn (depending where you are in the world!)
It's all go here for daffodils, lambs, calves and baby birds...