Thursday, October 29, 2015

Charity Quilt

This small single/large lap quilt has been donated to the Southland Charity Bowls tournament for the auction night...

I quilted it all over with large straight lines to create a squares effect, and machine bound it.

I made it back in January/February - originally as a large quilt but I didn't like it that big and split it into two smaller quilts (I gave the other one to Tracey for her 40th) and this one has been waiting for the right reason to complete it.

Of course, nosy parker Rumbles had to get in on the action and try to give the 
quilt a cat-comfort test!

The charity auction was held last night and Brian says this sold for $160. Bargain! 

Also joining the usual crowd at Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday
Hi everyone!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Frozen pillows

No, not the weather - the movie! I created these four pillows a couple of weeks ago using Frozen fabrics and a lilac spot minky from Spotlight...

Two are 18" pillows and two are 20" pillows...

I fussy cut the fabrics so there are plenty of princess pictures to delight any young Frozen fan...

...and quilted each panel with a swirly, loopy snowflake-style design...

Sharing my projects with the quilting world through Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday linky party...and Sarah's Whoop Whoop well as Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday linky..."kia ora" everyone!

I was making one for my Frozen-fanatic little cousin Claudia, turning 5, and figured if I was gonna make one, I might as well make four! Here is Claudia having just received her present...

...two sold at market and I have just one more left to sell/gift...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 Finish Along 4th Quarter Goals

Here's hoping!!! Am keeping it short as this term will be busy busy! If all goes to plan then I will be able to claim success with this quarter of the 2015 Finish Along challenge!


I want to finish this quilt, or rather, NEED to finish it - as Brian and I have promised to donate it for the auction at the Charity Bowls tournament coming up in needs quilted and bound, so I will get onto it once I get my machine back from being serviced.
Oct: Done! And sold at auction for $160 - see it here!
I also need to get these fabrics made into a special quilt for the end of the year (more details later...)
Dec: DONE! And she loved it! Click here!
Finish this Triple Barnstar quilt...

NOT PRIORITIES but I'd like to also finish these two Easy As Ten quilts...
pink/orange version
blue/purple version
And if any of these get finished before Christmas then that will be a bonus!
 Fandango Jumping Jacks quilt
Christmas quilt - I have a jelly roll to use for borders
1 + 2 Easy quilt with these and a couple of other fabrics I have pulled from my stash
Dec: DONE! Looks awesome and I love it! Click here!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Chequers Pillows

Or, as we call them here, cushions!

After great success with the Q2 list (and even winning a prize) I am failing miserably, despite all my good intentions, to complete my Finish Along Q3 list (life just gets in the way of good intentions sometimes, as well as the fact I've been distracted by some new projects eg pillowcases and tote bags and a couple of other WIPs that weren't actually on my list!)

But I HAVE got this goal done (now that it is school holidays so I can fit in a bit of down-time in between preparing for next term)...I had these squares left over from my 50c Mixture baby quilt ...

The panels were only 12" in size and the smallest inserts I could buy at Spotlight were 14" so I used some of my precious leftovers of the Remix Ovals by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman, to make 1 inch borders around the panels, with a lovely grey spotty print to make the envelope backings (made as per Crazy Mom Quilts' instructions).

Big "hi" to visitors from Kelly's Needle and Thread Thursday or Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday linky parties!