Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Block of 2012 Moda BOM Mystery Quilt

This is called Sunday Drive and I must say I enjoyed spending an hour on this Easter Sunday morning creating it (having first cleaned up the mess that the cat left for us of an Easter bunny cousin in the laundry, that he'd caught out in the fields somewhere, and after reading my new Sarah-Kate Lynch novel while enjoying eating my chocolate button Easter egg that Kieran kindly found in the backyard for me after walking past its very obvious hiding place at least twice!). So nice not to be rushing around for a day or two!

Bock Ten of the MODA 2012 Designer Mystery BOM; designed by Polly Minich and Laurie Simpson from 
The ten blocks so far (with shadows from the window panes, showing that we are still having lovely sunny days to start the autumn off!)
And my mission is to get these four giraffes finished before the end of this week!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting there!

Was able to spend some time a couple of weekends ago in putting together the blocks for my Country Jigsaw quilt (or so I have called it!) a 'twin' to the Jigsaw Blues quilt top that I put together last year...

Just need to find the right fabric for a border...
(pattern is a block from Nicole Chambers' pattern as used in my Family Treasures BOM quilt)

This is what I started with - that was only about four years ago!
Turned them into these...
Then into these...

which became these...
and then these...
patch, patch, patch - was fun to be getting on with something else on the to-do list

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moda Designer BOM (Feb) - and blog hop giveaway!

Welcome to all Quilting Gallery Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop 'tourists'!! It is super to have you visit and I hope you will have a look at a few of my posts and be inspired!

THE GIVEAWAY HAS NOW CLOSED -  my hubby has run his hand over the list of names and stopped on ...Jodie!! Congratulations - I will be in touch for an address (in Australia it seems!)

ORIGINAL POST: It is the end of summer here in New Zealand and, as we move into autumn, I am hoping we will have warm sunny days for a while to come!  However much of NZ is experiencing a drought so a little bit of rain would be good for the farmers and vege growers...just not while I've got my class away on our annual senior camp though!

With the first term of our school year well underway, I have been flat out with my preparation and planning and all the side-issues that arise with being a teacher of the 10-11 year olds of our primary school, so I have not been as productive as I would have liked, despite my to-do list.

I did though make an effort last weekend to be sure to put together the lastest arrival in my Moda Designer Mystery did not take long and I really like it.
"Lakeside Retreat" designed by Joanna Figuera of
I am looking forward to seeing the range of blocks get put together after the last BOM arrives!

Now, to the blog hop giveaway!  (Entries will close on 15th March NZ time)  Below is a photo of a small selection of greys that I have had for a few months, waiting for just the right occasion...I think this is it! I don't have a clue what design/er they are but they will be perfect for any stash, especially if you love novelty fabrics.
Nine pieces, varying in sizes from 8' x 13' to 13' x 13'
To enter the draw to win, please share  a comment about your favourite school days memory! I always smile when I think back about the time my class acted out Roald Dahl''s revolting rhyme "Red Riding Hood" for the school concert - I got to play the Grandma - it was lots of fun!