2019: Gypsy Mama for My Mum

2019: Sing in the Sun, for Belinda K

2019: Cheeky Monkey NNU quilt

2019: Hi There! (baby gift)

2019: Pretty in Purple

2019: Spin in Spring

2019: Sweet Treat

2019: Walk in the Woods

2019: Woodland Welcome

2019: Wonky in Blue

2019: Revving It Up!

2019: Vroom! Vroom!

2019: Allsorts of Blessings (for Piper Jo)

2019: Woodland Hugs and Kisses (for new baby McGowan)

2019: Summer Swoon

2019: Rodzina (for Linda)
2019: Wychowanie (for Linda)
2019: Matczyna Milosc (for Linda)

2019 Time Flies (for Caity K)

2019: Sundrops (for Aunty Sue)

2019: Starlings of Summer (for Emma N)

2019: Mix and Match

2019: Summer Day - Lake Te Anau

2018: Head in the Clouds (for new baby Inder)

2018: Here's To 60 Plus! (for Broni)

2018: Allsorts for a Good Sort (for Jodie)

2018: Warm Welcome (for baby Lucia)

2018: Bee-ootiful Welcome (for baby Chloe)

2018: Capers and Frisks (for Lexie) 

2018: Fly High (to donate)

2018: Kia Kaha (for Mandy)

2018: Hugs and Kisses (for baby Lucy)

2018: Lace and Paper Flowers (Gypsy) (for Brenda)

2018: Hoot to You Too! (to donate)

2018: Owl Spot You Later! (to donate)

2018: Owls in the Night (to donate) 

2018: Owl-ways A Hoot! (to donate)

2018: Whoo-Whoo Peek-a-Boo! (to donate)

2018: Slices of Spring (for charity auction)

2018: #summer (for me!)

2018: Summer Buzz (for me!)

2017: Hot Cross Buns (for Ruby)

2017: Fancy Free

2017: Wedding Wishes for Aleisha Williams (Schrader)

2017: The Lorax (Dr Seuss) for nephew Fergus

2017: Pour Mon Petit Ami

2017: Diamants, Mon Ami!

2017: Au Point, Mon Ami (donated)

2017: Colourful Directions (donated)

2017: 100% NZ (for cousin Ben)
2017: Bright Blessings (for Jo Stanway and baby Alby)

2017: Arrows (for Angus)

2017: Halfmoon Bay (for charity auction)

2017: Peek-a-Boo Bears (for great-nephew Cyrax)

2016: Blanche's Barn Star (for Aunty Blanche)

2016: Flower Patch (for great-niece Poppy May)

2016: Jan's Flower Patch (for cousin Jan)

2016: Raspberry Delight (for Charlotte)

2016: Easy As (Summer) v1

2016: Summer in the Ida Valley (for cousin Logan)

2016: Merry Mermaids #1

2016: Merry Mermaids #2

2016: Easy As (Summer) v2

2016: Apple Patch

2016: French Fancy (for Olive)

2015: Slice of Summer (for Heather R)

2015: Spiderman (for nephew Bain)

2015: Tracey's Couch Cosy

2015: Baby quilt (donated)
2015: Zigzags (for Jack)

2015: Little Leap Frog

2015: Christmas Joy

2015: A+ Quilt (for Angus)

2015: 50c Mixture

2015: Charity quilt for auction

2015: Best Wishes, Lucy! (for Lucy A)

2015: 1...2...3...It's Kimmi!

2014: Amy Gibson BOM Sampler

2014: Mixed Bag (for baby Thomas)

2014: Animals

2014: Comma

2014: Dinosaur Walk (for Lachie)

2014: Riley Blake baby quilt

2014: Adorable

2014: String of Pearls (Remixed) (for cousin Kaylee)

2014: Sunny Southland Day (for Jo)


  1. You make lovely quilts ... :) Pat

    1. Thanks Pat! I'm learning! So much fun along the way.