Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WIP jellyroll quilt and a Blog Hop giveaway

Friday 29th November - congratulations to Anna from Alberta, Canada - your comment (number 143) was drawn as the winning comment! Anna wrote: I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I love the beautiful river valley and the seasonal changes. Canada is a huge country with so many gorgeous places to visit- Perhaps one day you will get a chance to visit Canada.
 Thanks for visiting my blog Anna, and yes, I would love to visit the grand land of Canada one day!

Original post: Welcome to my blog-post for the Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop of November 2013!

It has been a busy few weeks thanks to end of year school reports, a four-day weekend in Auckland with three friends to cheer, dance and have a general great time at the Fast5 Netball World Series, the local Friday night lawn bowls started up, and there are all the preparations for pupil goal reviews and getting ready for our end of year school concert.

Phew. I am TOTALLY ready for a Christmas break!

In between all that, and using this blog-hop as a target date, I have been aiming to finish this jelly roll lap quilt...

I have straight-line quilted a quarter inch in from each edge of some of the strips, have FMQ'd a kind of daisy chain or four-leaf clover pattern and or chains of large circles along some strips, and plan to do a large zigzag along the leftover strips. 
Watch this space to see how it all finishes up (which will hopefully be before the end of the blog-hop!)

My giveaway is celebrating all things New Zealand as I am a proud Kiwi and it is a pleasure to have visitors to my blog from all over the globe: up for grabs I have a 250g block of NZ-made Whittakers' L&P white chocolate - this chocolate has been infused with the taste of the world-famous-in-NZ fizzy drink known as L&P, which is set into popping candy that fizzes and crackles in your mouth - some love it, some hate it, but I think it is fun to try something different!

Our national colours are black and white so I have added a pack of 5" charms - forty squares in black and white prints or plains - great for a special project or to add to the stash.

No big tricks to entering - just leave a comment telling me one of your favourite things about where you live and I will do a random draw at the end of the blog-hop! (Thursday - hi! I have sat here on the computer two nights in a row to reply to everyone's lovely comments, only to find that for some reason the comments are not showing up even though the website said it had published them! So please, I do read your comments and am trying to reply to them (or you may end up with two replies - goodness knows what is happening in cyberspace!) Thanks everyone - I am loving reading about where you live!