Sunday, November 4, 2018

Fun Pillows

I think this is my fave! It's 18" square.

It has a gorgeous blue backing made from a furnishing fabric.
With selling at a carboot sale or local garage sale on my plans, I made use of some fat quarter quilting 'sandwiches' that I've made in the past couple of years to practice FMQ designs before doing them on bigger quilts. They each have a zip opening (I use Lia's tutorial).

This is a 12" pillow that I quilted with straight lines (see original quilt here).
I also had some unicorn fat quarters that I thought might make cool pillows.

18" square

16" square

And I also used up some Cars movie furnishing-weight fabric that I'd found in a sale bin. These were one of my 2018 Finish Along fourth quarter goals.

These are each 16" square. Two have a black minky backing, one has a grey curtain fabric backing.

Cute Bunny Pillows

Found this panel of bunnies on the sale shelf at Spotlight a couple of months ago and thought I'd make some pillows...they've turned out even better than I imagined! These were one of my 2018 Finish Along fourth quarter goals.

Sold to Laura McV

Sold to Laura McV

Sold to Paula P

I machine embroidered around the main features of the designs, plus some French knots on the 'whiskers' and hand stitches on one bunny's accents.  I used FMQ for simple quilting as well (echo lines on the double bunny pillow, and a small stipple on the other three, with a stipple on the backing).

I think I almost love the carrots print on the backing more than I love the fronts LOL! 
It was also on the sale shelf too.

They are each about 13" square and have a zippered opening (I always refer to Lia's tutorial).

I intended to sell these at a school car-boot sale but ended up selling two to a workmate and one to a FB friend during the week - so rushed back into Spotlight on Friday to grab another panel (of which my FB friend has already put 'first dibs' on another one!) and spent Saturday afternoon getting them made. (And I didn't go to the carboot sale today after all as the weather was so grotty - have now booked a table at the local playgroup's annual garage sale next weekend, where I'll be inside no matter the weather).

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