Saturday, January 21, 2012

Country Favourites quilt

This week I have put together this kit-set 'Country Favourites' that I bought in 2009 online from the In Stitches store in NSW Australia and is a pattern by Karyn Herbert.

Was a panel of the pictures that needed cut into separate blocks, with 15 being used for the quilt-top. Then I had to create 15 of the star blocks, using machine-piecing, and lastly put it all together.

Very simple and I am very pleased with it - is a large lap quilt/throw - about 46" x 52".

I am currently using the leftover blocks and fabrics to piece a section of the backing and will add some yardage to complete that.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge

In my effort to learn new techniques this year I have signed up for this series of monthly tutorials based on free motion quilting organised by the SewCalGirl site.

I hope it will give me more ideas and skills to apply to my smaller creations.

This month the tutorial is about using a leaf pattern and is taught by Frances Moore.

First challenge is to find a darning foot for my 20 year old Elnita (by Elna) machine (which did not come with one), so this means I will not get started until that is sorted! But I can prepare the quilting 'sandwiches' in the meantime so they are ready to go!

I do have the fabrics - have chosen a natural calico and some other natural/neutral fabrics, and will use caramel thread for the stitching.  I will just make random 'sandwiches' and then by the end of the year I am thinking I will put the blocks together to make a decorative bed-end runner for summer.

2012 Block of the Month quilt

Have signed up for the block of the month series presented by Amy Gibson. Over ten months it will cover ten techniques and create two blocks a month using each technique.

MARCH: have just finished the two foundation-based blocks for the challenge this month: the String Block (at the top) and the Broken Spiderweb - couldn't believe how easy these strip blocks were to make!

FEBRUARY: this month the blocks were Chunky Chevron (left) and Balkan Puzzle - made from squares sewn together then cut on the diagonal. Easy.

JANUARY: the technique for this month is slashed blocks - have made the Asterix block and the Wonky Pound block.  This month was good practice as slashing is the technique I will use when I make my Hot Cross Buns quilt from the Moda Bakeshop pattern (once I find the polka dot fabric I need!)

FABRICS: I had a bag of ten 20" pieces of pink-based fabrics that I bought in 2010 from Kits n Things in Invercargill so decided I would use that for this quilt.  I like the range of candy pink/dusky pink/plummy pinks and think it will make a gorgeous sampler quilt.  Went back to KnT to buy another four 20" pieces of pink-based fabrics (and found another 20"piece of the multi-floral in the sale bin) and bought a white tone-on-tone print fabric for the contrast and sashings.