Saturday, October 22, 2011

More cross-stitch catch-ups!

More from the a few from the 2000s - am gradually getting them onto digital!

1997? - we had cat called Tigger who spent a lot of time looking stressed out and we joked that he would just sleep if it all got too much for him - I adapted this from a pattern book, changing the colour of the brown cat into ginger to look like my cat.  I experimented with different stitching techniques to make the patchwork blanket.
Late 90s, this was from a pattern that my mum asked me to make for her.

This also was stitched for my mum from a kitset she had, to match the one done earlier of the cat under the blanket.
A trio set from 2008 - this is the view of the girl at the front... is the side view of the "Girls on Bike" - was a kit set again...
...and the girl at the back!
I did this picture in the early 90s - Phoebe was our little Sydney Silkie dog;
I took a photo of her and sent it to a lady who turned it into a pattern for cross-stitch.
This was  a gift for my mum; she recently gave it back to me.

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