Saturday, October 27, 2012

Am trying to finish something!!

Working in snatched moments to get some of these projects completed...or started!! So much for not starting new projects until I got rid of some of the WIPs!

Have batted and backed this and am having a go at quilting it on my trusty little machine.
Am going with straight lines to keep it simple. Looks great so far!

Have fallen in love with this daisy fabric so plan to try making a quillow.
Will do some cutting tonight while we all watch a movie.

At some stage I need to put together these giraffes!
And last weekend I picked this back up from my long-arm quilter - (this is the before photo)
so I am keen to get the binding on!


  1. Lots going on, Jen! Great work. Just go with the flow - sometimes that's best :)

  2. I like the look of straight line quilting, too and I´d really like to see your giraffes! :)

    (Quillow is also a nice word!)

  3. Your trusty machine is doing a great job on the quilting, Well Done!
    visiting from FNSI linky...

  4. It looks like you are busy! Do you have any pictures of a finished giraffe? I would love to see one. Maybe I need to look farther back in your blog... Lovely stuff, keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks everyone! Nothing like being busy huh?

    A quillow is a quilt that folds into a pillow - am just using a tutorial I found on the web, and giraffes can be seen on my posts using the label stuffed toys! Cheers!

  6. And then I also realised I need to make a xmas stocking for my newest baby nephew or his two big brothers will have theirs up and he will miss out! As well as writing school reports! I feel a few late nighters coming up! Should've done it when he was born (in Feb!)

  7. Jen, there are so many things I love in this post that I'm not sure where to begin!

    First, I just made a quilt top which is way too small and needs borders, but I don't have enough print left to make it big enough. I am in *LOVE* with the one you've made here, which only has color on some portions of the border. This is brilliant and so timely for me! I am definitely going to "borrow" this idea!

    Giraffes... the greatest animal ever made. Can't wait to see these put together!

    I adore that daisy fabric. I've been working with black and white (on the too small quilt I mentioned above) and seeing the pink with that combination is awesome. What a great pop of color!

    Last but certainly not least... I just bought a fabric panel that is meant to be a fabric story book. I was planning to make a quilt (not the book) and your teddy bears are a great inspiration for that.

    I'm adding your blog to my reader now :-)

    Thanks for sharing all your awesome projects!

  8. Thanks Kat, the raspberry pink, black and white quillow is coming together nicely so watch this space for the final result soon! Good luck with your small quilt,I am sure you will sort out the borders!

  9. love the quuilt you are quilting straight lines on. The border really makes it pop.
    I have just attatched and sown the binding on the teddy bear quilt that my boss has had in her cupboard for about 4 years. Great quilt and boy it is big.
    Found your blog via bloggers festival so saying hi from windy Invercargill.

  10. Oh hi Marls, yes I was in town today and it was definitely a 'hold-the-car-door-as-you-open-it' kind of day! Thanks for your comments; when I first bought the teddy quilt BOM we had a big house with a staircase wall that would have been perfect for a quilt like that - but have since moved! So am not sure just where I will put the quilt once I get time to bind it - we have a cat who loves spending all day on beds so I don't want to leave it on our bed as all the hand applique won't appreciate being covered in cat fur! Have a good week!

  11. Wow. I did that Teddy Bear Quilt in 2000 when Bernina had it as a block of the month. I just love that quilt. My grandchildren have it. Thanks for the memory