Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bags #4 and #5 of On-the-Move set!

The final two bags from the Moda Bakeshop pattern On The Move set of five (all made from just one layer cake of 'Frolic' by Sandy Gervais for Moda, plus a yard of fabric per bag to create lining and handles etc)...
Bag #4 side A
(Slightly shorter than the others due to a minor mishap with shaping the base - was watching Grey's Anatomy at the time and got distracted! - meaning there had to be a bit more trimming of the base end than the pattern usually calls for!)
Bag #4 side B
Bag #4 - the gorgeous orange lining
And the final bag in the the regular size but has shorter handles just for a point of difference...

Bag #5 side A
Bag #5 side B


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    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I do too, will be hard to give away/sell!

  2. Love it, Jen! The blue is delicious :)

    1. Thanks Glinda! The colours are all just right for the Spring season that has just started here in NZ.

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    1. Thanks Karen, after making the whole set I think I've got the knack of it! Will put the pattern away for a while and get some other UFO's done (new sewing machine arriving on Monday, should make it easier to do the free motion quilting!)

  4. Gorgeous the fabrics. Thanks for sharing. Marie (

    1. Yes, I loved the layer cake as soon as I saw it! Thanks for visiting!