Monday, January 6, 2014

Craftsy/Leah Day FMQ class: Blocks Two & Three

(Cont.)    (Block #1 here)

Have today quilted these two blocks from my 2012 Amy Gibson Craftsy class BOM modern quilt sampler, following Leah Day's advice in her FMQ Craftsy class that followed up the BOM class.  
A radiating spiral over top of the strings block...

...and a flower design, with an in-out spiral in the centre and wandering clover in the corners of this block.

I practised the radiating spiral on this sandwich...

Gosh I love summer school holidays!!
I made myself a promise (or rather a command) that I couldn't attack the quilt today until I had cut back all the peony rose bushes this morning - this turned into a full on gardening session as, after working my way along the peony rose bush plot, I then decided I might as well work my way back the other way by trimming up the ten standard rose bushes and pulling out the rest of the weeds along the way. Have now got quite a few gaps to fill in...thinking/plotting/planning is underway!!

Kieran is back from his ten days at National Scout Jamboree tomorrow - am looking forward to hearing about all his activities!!


  1. Great quilting, Jen. Love the effect of the spiral but think it must be so difficult to control on a larger quilt ... got any tips?

    1. Go slowly! On a 12 inch block it wasn't too bad. I cannot imagine what it would be like to do over the full quilt!

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  3. I love the look of this spiral...yet I've never tried it!! Your post has inspired me to just try it!!! Thanks Jen!!!