Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014 Bloggers' Quilt Festival entry #2

And this is my second entry in the applique section of Amy's Quilt Festival, my hand-appliqued queen-sized Bear Family Album...each bear was hand-appliqued with blanket-stitch...

 ...with twelve different members of the family, this is  photo-heavy post, but worth it!

You can nominate my quilt for the Viewer's Choice here (if you like!)
...this was a block of the month quilt from Whichcraft in Invercargill, created over a period of months during 2008-2009. In 2012 I was able to sash the blocks and it was beautifully long-arm quilted by Barbara Joyce Quilting in Otatara...

Naturally, the teacher is my favourite!
Pre-quilting photos of each block...Sporty Bear...
Teacher Bear
Mama Bear
Papa Bear
Engineer Bear
Jogger Bear
Quilting Bear
Fishing Bear
Techno Bear

Gardener Bear
Nurse Bear
Dancer Bear


  1. Oh my there are so many details! Pure labor of love!

    1. Thanks Vera, I could not walk out of the shop that day without signing up for the BOM - who can resist bears?!

  2. These are darling bears, so creative, wonderful fabric choices. The framing and sashing really set off each block.

    1. Thanks tonnes, I am so thrilled with it - problem is, we moved from the big two-storey cottage that we were living in (where I planned to hang it in the spare room) to a smaller, lower-ceiling house. And I can't put it on a bed as our cat is a quilt conneisseur who loves to lie all over them. What to do?

  3. Adorable! The bears are all so cute but I really like the little nurse! The blocks that are in the middle make the whole thing look like an album of family portraits. Well done and good luck with this entry in the Festival!

  4. Beautiful work. Congrats!

  5. Fabulous, very nice quilt:))

  6. Each of those bears is adorable and the work you did on just the appliques must have taken you hours and hours to complete. What a treasure!

    1. It certainly kept me entertained in the evenings for a few months! And now, I could just look at it for hours!