Sunday, October 12, 2014

Here's Hoping - Q4 Finish-along Wishlist

The Littlest Thistle blog (aka Katy) is running a finishing challenge - great incentive to win any of the awesome prizes. I entered the last quarter challenge and got three projects completed which is not too bad, and with the final term of the year being only nine weeks long (with reports due and a concert item to practice) I am sure time will fly by.

So I have made what is hopefully a realistic list for this last quarter of the year...we all need a target don't we?!

And after all, I'll then have six weeks holiday to bust out any other projects I want to get stuck into.

Here is my "fingers-crossed list"!
  • finish toy giraffes #11 #12
  • complete my Amelia's Hot Cross Buns quilt (top right) (quilt and bind)
  • use my Kate Spain Sunny Day charm packs for a small lap quilt - DONE 19 Oct
  • FMQ and bind my Fizzy quilt (right)
  • make a small applique wall-hanging 


  1. I like your Amelia's Hot Cross Buns quilt and look forward to seeing it finished. Good luck with all your projects.

    1. Hi Marly, considering I made Amelia about two years ago, I am also looking forward to seeing her finished!! Thanks for the good wishes!