Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quilt Delivery Weekend

This weekend I took the opportunity to head up to Central Otago to deliver some very important recent projects...we nearly lost "Fizzy for Lizzy" into Lake Dunstan at Cromwell (it was more than a trifle windy up at the look-out, thank goodness Kieran had hold of at least one corner of it like I told him to when he made like a Hobbit and hid behind the rock for the photo!)
Great to be able to spend a long-overdue evening with my lifelong friend Ali and to be able to wish Fairy Princess Elizabeth a happy 5th birthday...

Then on Sunday, Kieran and I enjoyed a drive over to the Ida Valley in the Maniototo district, to deliver two more birthday presents...

"String of Pearls Remixed" for my cousin Kaylee...

The land here is quite a bit drier than here in Southland! Everywhere I passed, farm paddocks were being irrigated, while back here in Southland we've had an overload of rain!

And "Birds on High" for her daughter Claudia, just turned four...(I had to include the blue sky as proof that the sun does still shine somewhere in NZ!)


  1. What lovely post! This is exactly what quilting is all about, sharing love with others!!! I enjoyed the landscapes as well.

  2. Thanks Jamie Lee! One of the things I love most is making a quilt/project that is for someone else, and it was great to visit a different part of the country for the weekend too!

  3. Pretty quilts and pretty pics. Look at all those happy receivers!

    1. It was so much fun to visit them, long overdue! Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. I enjoyed reading your post and look at all the happy faces...Beautiful photos and of course, beautiful quilts...!
    Merry Christmas!