Saturday, November 28, 2015

5-0 Bag for Wendy

One of my lovely workmates has just celebrated a significant birthday, so I have whipped this up this morning to gift to her when I head over to her house for a small celebration tonight...
Side A
It is made with squares from a charm pack set of Weeds by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda (has been in my stash for a year or so) plus some black and grey fabrics also from my stash...
Side B
It is approx 11" x 14" and has a small pocket sewn to the lining. I loosely based it on a pattern I have used before, called Bird Aviary, by Judith Tetley, printed in Handmade magazine Vol 27 No8 2010.
We've had lots of rain and hail this morning, but the sun came out just as I finished the bag...
Rumbles got off the sofa to come and schmooze outside...

And then of course Bess had to get in on the photos too...

Big "hello" to followers and visitors from Crazy Mom's Finish It Up Friday linky party! Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. And she loved it! Phew! Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend.

  2. Such a cool bag! And Rumbles and Bess are great photo accompaniments to your bag. I plan to start sewing bags next year and would love to make one with charm squares of which I have plenty!

    Take care,

    1. Hi Mary, precuts make everything so much easier, and this bag took me about two hours all up. Have fun!

  3. Love this tote bag it's a great size. The weeds fabric is such a great set, love the color combo. I like the offset squares also.

    1. Cheers Judy! I think I will make another bag, a greys colour scheme, with the leftover squares...