Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 90's - needlework

Here are a few of my cross-stitches or tapestries from that decade - the ones that I've taken digital photos of.  I have many others but need to get their photos transferred to digital, so I will add more as I get them.
1993 - for my Swedish friend Anna

1993 - Granny chose this and asked me to do this one for her to give as a gift to my cousin Jan

1994 - for my mum Lorena (yes, all these pictures came from a cat pattern book that I'd bought)

1994 - for my friend Rachael

1997 - for my mum, from a kitset that she'd started and asked me to finish

1998 - for myself, from a kitset "Portrait of Elegance"

a tapestry - completed in 1999?

1998 - a kitset cross-stitch by either Bessie Pease Gutsman or Maud Tousey Fangel
1997 - Kitty Cats - adapted from a magazine pattern

1999 - a kitset

2000 - wedding present for my husband Brian

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