Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giraffe Series - 1/20

Dec 2010
Giraffe 1/20

Found this gorgeous toy pattern in 'Kits and Things' (my favourite quilting store, Invercargill) late last year. It is a Melly and Me design called 'Mrs Perkins' by Rosalie Quinlan. Completed size is about 47cm tall.

Have decided that I think I could handle making about 20 of these before I decide I've had my fill of them as they are so easy to do! I don't plan to do them all this year mind you! But over the next wee while...they take a good day to sew, cut, stuff, piece together and trim.

Anyway, the first one I made was for my cousin Kaylee's newest baby, Claudia. It is all machine and hand stitched. I think it is so cool that I now also have the pieces for the next three giraffes all stuffed and sitting in a basket waiting for me to get the buttons and then I can put them together and finish them off.

Claudia McNally, age 2 months
My cousin tells me she has had to put the giraffe up very high, not because Claudia is still too small for it, but because all the little girls who visit are very keen to get their hands on it!

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