Monday, October 24, 2011

Quilt for my nephew

Earlier this year I put together this single-bed size quilt from a kit-set called "On the Go" by Karen Herbert (bought online from In Stitches, Armidale, NSW, Australia) for my nephew Austyn who turned 5 today.

I was a bit slow to get it to the quilting lady (Janet Pope at Browns) and so it is still being quilted. So I gave him a copy of this photo and will give him the quilt in a few weeks when I have put the binding on it.

It is strips of fabric, with hand stitching on the green and orange strips, and the vehicles and hills in the middle are appliqued. There is a strip of 'bargello' style patchwork in the middle.

I will take more photos once I get it back and finished off.


  1. What a fantastic quilt - lucky chap!

  2. Thank you! It was fun to put together (and easy!)

  3. Exciting! Quilt has been quilted and I will pick it up on Tuesday so I can then bind it!

  4. Picked up the quilt today and Janet has done an amazingly detailed job - quilted around each little car/boat/helicopter etc as well as clouds in the sky and circles in my circles. It looks fantastic and I am looking forward to binding it - hopefully on Sunday if I have all my pupils' reporting books finished and am not too tired after working all day for the elections!