Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jigsaw Blues quilt - a UFO!

Found this queen-size quilt top in the UFO box when I was having a sort-out on Easter Sunday!

I put it together in 2009, intended as a gift for someone, but did it all in quite a rush in the tiny little office space that I was using and then wasn't happy with some of the (non!) matching of seams, so packed it away (we were moving house anyway) with plans to sort it out later (and gave the person something else!)

Jigsaw block (from Nicole Chambers' pattern as used in my Family Treasures BOM quilt)
(photo shows the adjoining blocks on each side, block is square)
Well, it's now later...three years later... so I spent Sunday afternoon putting the borders around the top and it is now ready to be taken for quilting...


  1. The quilt looks great, and the colours go so well together, are some or all batik? And I think all good things take time. Cheers form Jean

  2. Thank you! The multi print is a paisley actually, with the lightest fabric being a pale blue kind of check, the denim blue is like a tiny tiny pinstripe/check, while the others are either marbles or just solids. I wish I'd had more of the paisley as it's quite cool.

  3. What a lovely pattern. This will be awesome when quilted. Great job.