Saturday, September 15, 2012

Black and white tote bag

Sept 2012: from a pattern in Handmade magazine (Vol 28, no 11) called Shabby Gal Tote, by Fiona Ransley - with a slight adaptation in that I put five stripes in each panel instead of six and didn't put a big fabric flower on the front (as, of course, it doesn't need one because the birds are the feature!).

 Can now (November) reveal that it was a (well-organised in advance for a change!) birthday gift for my friend Megan Lindsay.
I, meanwhile, have since bought more of the bird fabric as have used so much of what I had for other projects and intend to use it for something for myself one day!
A note to recycling - have used curtain lining for the interfacing and handles - is firmer than the fabric yet still soft.


  1. Nice the black and white!

  2. WOW! Great Tote Bags, love your designs ... Will be watching with interest from now on, Jen :)