Saturday, August 10, 2013

Test patch and the cat's approval!

So this bag panel has Rumbles' approval it seems...turned my back for a second...look at him acting all innocent!

 Of course, it probably helps that the batting is warm and the sewing table is in direct line with the wall-mounted heat pump...cats, so self-centred!!

Sometimes the practice pieces turn out to be as cool as the real thing!!


  1. Love it! Must practice some new FMQ shapes ... what was easiest?!

  2. Hi Glinda! Nice to hear from you! I have to say I get quite a rhythm going when doing the pebbles (and I like the way going around the pebble twice gives such depth to the colour too!

  3. Thanks Jen ... Think I'm in love with the Rumbles x

    1. There are times when I could easily give him away, like when he leaves mouse body parts at the back door, but we love him really!