Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 Finish Along - Quarter 2 goals

I am determined to complete these Finish Along Quarter 2 goals and do better than with my last list LOL! (I only managed to get three projects done in the first quarter).

Finish this baby quilt that I have created for practising free motion designs. YES! Done!

Create a Christmas quilt from this Kate Spain Joy collection. DONE! - finished 1st June 2015

Put together another giraffe, she's been very patient so far! Complete at last! 

Finish this quilt that I started in the Christmas holidays. COMPLETED!

Quilt and put together this small cushion panel (another FMQ practice project).

Make these into a couple of pillowcases. Will need to then find suitable princesses to give them to!

Get this Hot Cross Buns quilt finished at long last!!!!

Back and quilt this French Lieutenant quilt  

Put together my 2013 Moda Mystery Designer BOM blocks! Such gorgeous fabrics!

Complete the red and black Easy Chevron single bed quilt (already three months overdue as a birthday present, yikes!) COMPLETED: 18 APRIL 2015 - hmm, seems I did not get back and take a pre-finish photo - here is the finished product though!

Right, am off to get started, school planning can wait until tomorrow!!


  1. I can't wait to see them when their finished. There is such loveliness here. And I love that giraffe!

    What line is that unicorn fabric from? I might just know a little princess that needs a new pillow case for Christmas this year.

  2. Gosh you have given yourself a huge list - good luck with them all, I guess at least with autumn and winter creeping their way in, it makes one more inclined to sit and sew.