Monday, April 16, 2018

2018 FinishAlong Second Quarter Goals

Am not committing to too much! These are all baby/kids size projects. I do want to continue trying to using from my stash and not be buying new fabrics (shaking with anxiety at the thought; will just have to stay away from Spotlight and my favourite online stores...sigh, being a fabricaholic is hard).

I think I'll be doing well to complete these for my FinishAlong goals:

This top needs quilted: DONE see here

This quilt is already underway...DONE (see here)

I plan to make a string quilt with the leftovers and scraps from the two quilts above: 

I want to make something with this kids' print flannel jelly roll...DONE (see here)

I will turn this practice sandwich into a pillow:

And I have a plan for these brights... (which I have done, but haven't taken photos yet!)


  1. Oh can't wait to see your flannel quilt from the jelly roll. That brights patter looks like fun!

  2. These fabrics are so cute, they'll make pretty projects, looking forward to seeing them all! I'm sticking with a short list too, seems more manageable. Have fun this quarter!

  3. Those all look very interesting. I think you and I like the same colors.