Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mrs Perkins Giraffe #10

Completed this last weekend...a baby gift for my workmate Jodie Whitson-Morris, who is expecting her second baby in mid -June (on my birthday actually!) We held a baby shower for her on Monday as this is her last week at work. 

Update! Baby Harper Maree Morris was born 13 June - a bit before my birthday but I will forgive the wee poppet! 

This giraffe is of course a cousin to the other 9 that I have made so far, with just another ten to go until I reach my target of 20! (There are two ready-to-be-assembled giraffes in the basket, waiting, waiting...good things take time!)

Mrs Perkins #9, black and white version, Melly & Me Designs, approx 18
Jodie's eldest child, Corbin, has this orange giraffe on the right and adores it apparently! I am just thrilled to know that my stitching is holding up to the demands of a two-year old (he drags it around the house and takes it to bed etc)!


  1. Hi Jen, having read this post and had a closer look at your bio pic I realise that I actually do know you in 'real' life too! I've enjoyed seeing your lovely quilting for quite a while but didn't make the connection till now.... maybe I'll see you at netball tonight....

    1. So thrilled to 'meet' a fellow Southern blogger! Please do find me and say hello at netball (we had a bye last week!) as I am guessing you don't have yellow roses for a head (I checked out your profile too!) so I don't have a clue who you are! I love your blog, have added it to my list so I can keep an eye on what my 'neighbour' is up to! Have a good week, Jenny